It is simple... yet, complicated...

The Story

I started teaching skiing professionally in the early 1990’s, and found myself testing skis for Ski Canada Magazine in 2008, and a contributing editor and the Ski Canada Magazine Ski Test Editor from 2012 to 2015. In 2015, I toured Northern BC on a backcountry ski Press Trip and met some inspiring journalists! From somewhere buried deep in that BC POW, the AdventureBC travel & adventure blog lurched from the abyss to showcase “fun” in B.C. (and other entertaining destinations), and there was no looking back!

Although passionate about skiing, it was my desire for excitement and adventure that ultimately sparked me to create AdventureBC.com. Through the branded tradename, AdventureBC, I now promote adventure and fun to inspire others to follow their passion, get outdoors, and live life to its fullest.

We work with you to find & share experiences, images, and the fun stories to showcase your business, your community, and occasionally something spontaneous and random...

Our focus is social marketing through the AdventureBC(TM) brand to highlight destinations and the BC tourism industry.

The Purpose:

1. To capture FUN and share it with the world.

2. To interact with interesting people, cultures, and countries.

3. To promote adventure throughout British Columbia, Canada, and the World.

4. To encourage people to get outdoors and live a healthy active lifestyle.

5. To motivate people through an interactive website, public marketing, photos, and writings.

6. To inspire others to follow their passion and live life to its fullest, and

7. To make companies better, locations more exciting, and encourage the best travel experience possible.